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Sandbern SLC Aquadot Swim Team evolved from a group who swam together in squad sessions at Sutherland Leisure Centre from 1993. Our coaches of the time, Sandra Romanis and Bernie McLennan, saw potential in the group and encouraged them to participate in the Australian Masters Games to be held in Melbourne in October 1995.

The appreciation and respect the team felt for their coaches, was obvious when they combined the names Sandra and Bernie to form the name of this new team, “Sandbern”.  The full name included reference to SLC (Sutherland Leisure Centre) and Aquadot Swim Club.

Sandbern decided to affiliate with Aussi Masters after that first carnival in 1995.The word “Aussi” has since been dropped and the governing body is now simply known as Masters Swimming Australia.

In November 2012 our name changed to Sutherland Sandbern Masters Swim Club.

We have grown and flourished in the years since that first carnival in 1995. Through all the years, our main purpose has remained constant – to swim regularly, enjoy good friendships and have fun. That’s what we are about.

Our club does not require members to join Masters Swimming Australia. However, as a club we do compete regularly throughout the year. This is a lot of fun and sometimes includes travelling interstate and even overseas to the bigger carnivals. Masters swimming is very welcoming to swimmers of all abilities. Our members range from the very strong to the not so fast. It doesn’t matter. We all have a lot of fun, regardless. Those who wish to join us in competition in Masters Swimming carnivals are required to register with Masters Swimming.

We regularly enjoy a coffee and good company after training sessions at the Sutherland Leisure Centre. We also have various social functions throughout the year.

So, if you think that swimming regularly and having fun could be for you, please visit our website and we’ll be very happy to welcome you to the Sandbern family.

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